all the king's horses
joey/cj | R
and this is like a dream.

all the silences: don't know much about gravity
josh/sam | pg13
don't ask me to put words to all the silences

cj | pg
real life isn't supposed to work like this.

and on the seventh day
cj/kate | pg
everything changes, but nothing's different.

and you were magnificent
cj/sam | pg13
you're making me nervous.

center of gravity
cj/sam | pg13
he finds her there sometimes like this.

cuando tú conoces
cj/toby | r
the truth is in between the first and the fortieth drink.

donna/ofc | r
one day, she's going to realize she's not as cute as she thinks she is.

cj/ann stark | r
what you mean to say is that i really just want to be dominated?

fairy wings
amy/monica reyes (xfiles xover) | r
you've seen her, dark against the window, turn to you and say, 'i don't know what to say to you, monica.'

josh/sam | r
it wasn't the first time it had happened like this.

hotels in the dark
cj/abbey | pg
you always knew what this was.

in the shade
amy/josh | r
it's tahiti, josh. ninety-seven degrees in the shade.

irreparable things
cj/sam | r
what if this is one of those irreparable things that just goes on broken forever?

like making love
cj/leo | r
so it began as all these things begin.

little girl
cj/toby | r
much later, she said, 'i could've done this in california.'

metallic luster
cj/miss parker (the pretender xover) | r
she can't even do this thing so that it's not a lie.

miraculous as atoms
cj/sam | pg13
i like to think that the moon is there even if i am not looking at it.

people living brightly
josh/joey | pg
thank you for dealing in absolutes.

playful banter and lively foreplay
cj/toby | r
toby and i were absolutely, absolutely not having sex.

cj/ann stark | r
cj was nobody's easy prey, but everyone has a breaking point.

smooth like glass
cj/sam | pg13
she forgets how to breathe.

cj/amy | nc17
when amy smiles, the world stops.

sweetness of small victories
cj/ann stark | r
cj smiles, savoring the sweetness of wine and small victories.

that music
josh/joey | r
he kisses her then.

the show-me state
cj/mandy | pg13
they see harder and deeper than with microscopes, but they'll never know one another at all.

things start breaking
cj/sam | pg13
she wasn't surprised that this wasn't nearly enough to fix the shattered parts inside her.

total grilling experience
gen | pg
i am a lean, mean grilling machine.

what any good man would do
cj/sam/mallory | r
it was funny, because he had imagined sleeping with both of them before.

you and me of the 10,000 wars
[written with luna]
josh/sam | pg
one shoe off, and a bridge to cross.

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