as i'm watching your decay
mackenzie/kelly | pg
you could've spared her. oh, but no. messiahs need people dying in their name.

this thing with women
susan/abby | r
maybe it was all just john carter's lesbian fantasy, but that didn't really matter anymore.

pretend it means fate
aeryn/john | pg13
here they are, at this convergence of realities.

this body of wonder and uncertainty
cuddy/cameron | r
and i'm losing all these stupid games that i swore i'd never play, and it almost feels okay.

walls have eyes
miss parker/mr. lyle | nc17
the gun wasn't loaded. at least, that's what she told him.

natalie/allison | pg | so you think you can dance
the balboa is a dancer's dance.

all the silences: an ending in one way, a beginning in another
dana/natalie | pg13
don't ask me to to put words to all the silences.

the second law of thermodynamics
dana/natalie | pg13
it's amazing how big expansive lives full of work and friends and lovers can fit into these cubes of space.

casting shadows
ro/troi | g
pleasures only shadows be, cast by bodies we conceive.

sometimes more sweetly
janeway/seven | pg13
she didn't kiss back.

all the silences: the way things were supposed to happen
janeway/chakotay | pg13
don't ask me to put words to all the silences.

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